Old vs New Build Homes in Dorset: How Do They Compare?



Buying a home is a very personal experience. Some people fall in love with the charm of a period home. Others prefer the clean slate of a new build house.

If you are undecided which is the best choice for you, let us help with a summary of the pros and cons of both old and new build homes in Dorset.


Advantages of buying a period home

For many people, there is something very alluring about the character of an older home, rooted in history. Period homes can have stunning retro design features, such as quirky slanted walls and doors. Traditional shutter windows and cozy, old fashioned fireplaces can create a feeling of warm nostalgia. Also, older homes were often built on open land, meaning you may have more space for driveways and parking.


Disadvantages of buying an old house

There are a few things to consider before you buy an old house. The most important is to budget for any hidden costs. Old houses are notorious for needing a lot of work to get them to a comfortable living standard! Before buying, be financially prepared for renovation work, replacing out-dated heating systems and expensive maintenance. Due to general wear and tear, older homes are also prone to leaks and damp which may damage your fixtures and furnishings.


Benefits of buying a new build home in Dorset

Many homebuyers want a blank canvas, where they can build their ideal home from fresh. The idea of owning a new build home, clean, flawless and untouched is very desirable. Here are a few reasons why a new build in Bournemouth or Dorset may be perfect for you:

Bespoke designs

Newly- built houses today have come a long way from their sterile, cookie-cutter predecessors. Now new build homebuyers can personalize their house with their choice of carpet colour, kitchen styles and more!

No waiting on chains

There is nothing more frustrating than a house you set your heart on falling through because of chain delays. But with new build homes, you don’t have to wait for previous owners to move out.

Eco-friendly regulations

New homes in Dorset are more likely to conform to environmentally friendly standards and regulations. A new green standard for new build homes has been recently introduced to help tackle climate change and lower household bills.

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